Kengo Takeuchi - Work Experience at VietLaBo

  • 23-10-2018
ietlabo is an employment agency with a Japanese language training center. And I was mainly in charge of translation, marketing, and teaching Japanese. 

First, I translated company's brochure from English to Japanese to learn about Vietlabo. I could deeply understand the business, stakeholders, social role, the strength of services, and merits for customers. It was very hard for me to choose natural and attractive words in Japanese when I translate it.

Second, I planned an online marketing campaign. Unlike continuous face-to-face sales activities, I realized the difficulty of online marketing that we have to attract customers in a moment. I tried my best to invent the campaigns to make use of the strength of online marketing that we can attract customers with low cost. It was fun and fresh for me to think freely and invent flexible ideas because the company I work in Japan is restricted by the insurance law and we can't do everything we want to freely.

Third, I made an introduction movie of Vietlabo. As they assigned me to all the tasks to make it(from a proposal of contents to audio record), it was really worthwhile. I felt pleasure in that my work was adopted immediately. And I thought that Dai-ichi-life’s decision makings would be too slow to get chances. Through this task, I learned how to explain the features of a company and the contents of the business focusing on the main points.

In the Job Fair in Ho Chi Minh City Technology and Education University, I recruited applicants for Japanese class of Vietlabo. Through some conversations with colleagues in Vietlabo, I learned why Vietnamese students want to work in Japan. he reasons are high salary level, great technologies in Japan, and high favorability of Japan and Japanese. I thought that the Japanese government should enforce accepting foreign workers especially from Vietnam and that Japanese should accept the diversity in their workplace.

I taught Japanese traditional plays in two Japanese classes. I planned to teach "Origami" and "Ayatori". Actually, I couldn't find knitting wool easily in Vietnam and was searching for it for a week. Through the class, I found it was difficult to teach according to each student's understanding level. I was impressed by students with high curiosity and patience. They paid their attention to me throughout the class and never gave up before finishing their works. If there was a matter with them, they told me to explain once more until it solved. I was so glad about it.

I played soccer with Japanese class students once. They are really good at playing it and I was so exhausted. I found it important to hold other tools but languages to communicate such as sport, music, and so on. I could build good relationship with students by playing soccer, I think.

Interview with a Japanese client and students was one of the most impressive things I experienced in Vietlabo. I was moved by the students who introduced themselves in Japanese they have studied only for 3 months. I realized that the shortage of talented people is so serious in the country side in Japan because the president visits Vietlabo alone from Fukushima prefecture in Japan.

As the number of Japanese workers is decreasing, Vietlabo helps to dispatch the great human resources to Japan. Vietlabo is very meaningful and outstanding company, I think. I was so happy to work here in Vietlabo.

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