Akihide Nakashima - Work Experience at VietLaBo

  • 07-02-2018
Experience in Vietlabo
Hello everyone. My name's Akihide Nakashima. 
It's my first time coming to Vietnam and also working in another country.
So actually I was a little bit nervous before coming here.

While I am in Japan, I have worked in the manufacturing company as the salesperson for domestic customer mainly. So the work in VietLaBo was totally different for me.

Since the first week, I got a task to do the presentation for 1 hour about "How to work in Japan" for the students who would like to work in Japan.It's my first time doing the presentation for 1 hour with using English.So it was tough for me, but it became the really nice experience for me.
And also I was happy because the all students were very enthusiastic to see my presentation.

The second week, I got the task of the collaboration event with the cosmetic company.I have only limited time, so I couldn't hold the workshop I proposed to the cosmetic company. But it's so good experience for me to discuss the matter with the customer in Vietnam.

The final week, I got the task of making the introduction video of Vietlabo.I took a day off because of the cold, so I couldn't discuss the video with the creator.And also I couldn't finish this task in 1 week, I regret this.I leave my idea, It would be nice if it's helpful for VietLaBo.

There are many things which are the first time for me and it makes me stronger.I left some things unfinished, I wanted to finish all things and contribute to VietLaBo. It's my regret.

I could have a fruitful day because the worker in VietLaBo is very kind and interesting. Thank you so much. Now I love Vietnam because of you.I will never forget this experience and I will use the skill learned here in VietLaBo.

I hope the Vietlabo continue growing as the bridge between Vietnam and Japan. It would be so nice If there is something related to me or my company in the future.

Thank you so much to everyone in VietLaBo and people I met in Vietnam. Especially Mr.Cuong, Ms. Vy. Im looking forward to meeting you again somewhere in the future.

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